Window of Opportunity almost shut down

After lunch Ruslana and I took a walk around the city close to dusk.. while in Moscow I took over 300 photos and videos so my iPhone was tapped out. In addition I forgot one piece for my camera charger and my second battery wasn’t charged. Total balalaika!!! I begged Ruslana to locate an electronic store. We schlepped to two stores near us and then took the metro to another store. I would have taken photos of the metro but given my situation I couldn’t … basically we went so far down I thought I was in Narnia. No surprise that the underground was spotless, I didn’t see one piece of trash or graffiti. We made one last stop to another electronic store and they told us it was not possible. Suddenly I’m in the most beautiful city I have ever seen with out access to a camera.. as an amateur photographer, the window of opportunity was closing before my eyes. We headed back to the hotel and I was determined to visit the business center to as least drop my photos onto a flash drive.

At the business center I met two sweet women, Svetlana and Vita and they kept that window open for me. They shook down the entire hotel, brought out a box of left behind chargers until they found the perfect fit. They provided both solitons to charging and we uploaded all of my photos to the flash. During the hour it took, Vita showed me a map of the city and gave me some pointers.
When my 300+ photos were uploaded we went through them to make sure they were all there… twice. It was a lot of fun because Vita got to learn about mentoring and she never visited Moscow so she got to see most of it from my 300+ photos. When in Russia.. we are now having a celebratory “White Russian” with mixologist Anna… she is very talented.. the care and precision she puts into her work is out of this world. I went outside to see if it was snowing. I have a saying now “It wouldn’t be Moscow if it wasn’t snowing at 1:00 am” a little early as it is only 11:30 pm.. but I saw a horse trotting down the street ! Ruslana acted like it was no big deal. Tomorrow I am off to give a Master Class to mentors at Big Brother Big Sisters St. Petersburg, I can’t wait.

Thank you Vita #lifesaver

3 thoughts on “Window of Opportunity almost shut down

  1. Your stories are filled with enthusiasm and great experiences, both cultural and mentoring wise. Good luck with your presentation tomorrow. I am looking forward reading about it!

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