Day 7: Meet me in St Pete

Well I am sure the Kremlin bells were ringing as I pulled out of the station. Ruslana and I are off to St Petersburg by train. Of all the things I was terrified of doing alone before the trip, once again my impressions were so wrong. The train is comfortable, very clean and the scenery is full of trees, snow covered hills and small tiny houses. They may be ducha (vacation homes). The crew passes by selling newspapers, snacks, collect trash, a movie is being shown in the middle of the train, there is a port for headphones and most important there is a glass door that separates the toilet from the seats. As a frequent Amtrak rider this is one thing I despise. Maryna from Eurasia Foundation was right I would have been fine on my own but I am happy to have Ruslana with me for the first few days. Still laughing how I tried to convince Olga that I needed business class because I was fearful to get pulled off the train. Directions over the speakers are given by crew in Russian and English. Wish I could take more photos but we have the only window on the cart that is cracked we call it “the window of opportunity!” I absolutely love translating metaphors to other cultures… had fun this week explaining “Dog and Pony show” and “One woman show.”


We arrived in St. Petersburg this afternoon and checked into the Renaissance hotel. I took a lot of notes about my first impressions but now Ruslana and I are going to photograph the city. “The show must go on!” We just finished lunch at an adorable cafe that translates to The Home of Happiness.

Plus I’m going a little blind with all the squinting .. I am writing from an iPhone 4 each day … forgive auto correct etc just pushing this out as fast as I can because I have some great fans of the page! Thank you for your comments and support. From the back end it is starting to look like an Olympic medal count.. let’s get more countries on the board! I thought we would have Mexico on there but Positive Tec tricked me… great send off btw hope everyone got home safe.

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